Welcome to the DSA-UJ 2019 Project

The DSA-UJ Project 2019 is closed.

Notice board

The DSA-UJ Project 2019 expo launch took place on Friday 12th April 2019.

#1 Training - Tuesday 16 April - getting started; how to place orders
#2 Training - Friday 26 April - How to plan sales according to bonus marks
#3 Training - Friday 03 May -product knowledge and selling from a products brochure
#4 Training - Friday 17 May - How to prospect for customers
#5 Training - Friday 02 August - How to get out of your comfort zone.
#6 Training - Friday 23 August - product knowledge; brochure products info
#7 Training - Friday 06 Sept - A 'Chariots of Fire' Day
#8 Training - Friday 13 Sept - How to close a sale and overcome objections
#9 Training - Friday 04 Oct - Finding customers and sales when running out of time ... postponed and now taking place on Friday 11 Oct
#10 Training - Friday 18 Oct - Don't just pass, get a distinction!

After training on these Friday's you can collect your orders/products (training will finish in sufficient time for you to collect your orders)

All other Friday's during term time are business/query days where you can speak to your company about any queries you may have, any questions you have, and to collect your orders/products. Only between 12h10-12h55.

Classrooms as follows

Tupperware: J Black 6
Table Charm: J Black 5
Avon Justine: J Black 8 (may also use J Black 9 - check on arrival)

Remember. It is compulsory to attend.